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Equinor AGM protest: resisting new fossil fuels

The Norwegian oil giant’s plan to build new fossil fuel infrastructure both on and offshore must be stopped.

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Publicly owned renewable energy is crucial for a just transition

We need to embed public ownership and control into our energy system.

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What’s it like being on a charity board?

Our board member Ery spoke to us about why they joined the board, what the role involves and what skills are needed.

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Car obsessed transport policy has to change

Scottish Government’s draft climate change plan is supposed to show how each sector of the economy is going to help cut overall emissions by 66% by 2030. Traffic predictions suggest transport isn’t planning on doing its fair share.

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Walk, Cycle, Vote - Glasgow - Sat 17 December 2016 - (photographer Andy Catlin) -6622

Transport needs to go back to the drawing board on climate change

Transport is the largest sector of climate emissions for Scotland. Unfortunately, the Government department responsible don’t seem to have any innovative thinking on how to head off demand or encourage walking, cycling or public transport.

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Let’s be climate leaders in 2017

Many people would rather forget 2016 and its catalogue of mistakes, disasters and deaths. The election of Trump poses a real threat to environmental progress and climate action. Richard looks ahead to a busy 2017 for climate campaigning and getting Scotland on the path to a fossil free future.

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Marrakech blog – urgent action needed and still possible despite Trump

Yesterday at the UN Climate Conference in Marrakech a broad coalition of development, union, faith and environment groups laid out their analysis of where the world is heading and the…

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EU departure means a tough fight to protect our environment

In 1993 the Norwegian Environment Minister called John Gummer, the UK Environment Secretary, a drittsekk – a shitbag– because of the massive impact on Scandinavian lakes and forest of acid…

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5 ideas to help Scotland leave the car behind

Our air pollution problem is mainly caused by traffic and our unhealthy relationship with the car, a relationship which the Scottish Government has fostered by spending millions every year on…

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Care about Clean Air, Walking and Cycling? Then save these dates…

Spring is about to Spring, and there are plenty of exciting walking and cycling events around the corner. Here are three for your diary…. (1) Saturday 5th March, all day…

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Why we need to get active on air pollution

On Sunday we released our list of the most polluted streets in Scotland with St John’s Road in Edinburgh and Hope Street in Glasgow changing places at the top of…

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Clean air strategy needs sharpening up in Parliament debate

The newly launched “Cleaner Air for Scotland” Strategy claims that it will ensure Scotland has the cleanest air in Europe. But it does not spell out what impact its 43…

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