Divest Scotland Campaign pledges

We’re campaigning for the Scottish Parliament and Government to end investments in fossil fuels. Find out more about the campaign on our main divestment page.

The Divest Scotland pledge reads:

“I pledge to support the Scottish Government and Parliament divesting from fossil fuels and investing in a just transition to a zero carbon economy over an appropriate time-scale.”

As of 4 September 2019 20 MSPs have signed the pledge:

  • Alex Cole-Hamilton / Liberal Democrat / Edinburgh Western
  • Alison Johnstone / Scottish Green Party / Lothian
  • Andy Wightman / Scottish Green Party / Lothian
  • Claudia Beamish / Scottish Labour / South Scotland
  • Claire Baker / Scottish Labour / Mid Scotland and Fife
  • Colin Smyth / Scottish Labour / South Scotland
  • Daniel Johnson / Scottish Labour / Edinburgh Southern
  • Elaine Smith / Scottish Labour / Central Scotland
  • Jackie Baillie / Scottish Labour / Dumbarton / West of Scotland
  • Jenny Marra / Scottish Labour / North East Scotland
  • Johann Lamont / Scottish Labour / Glasgow
  • John Finnie / Scottish Green Party / Highlands & Islands
  • Iain Gray / Scottish Labour / East Lothian / South Scotland
  • Mark McDonald / Independent / Aberdeen Donside
  • Mary Fee / Scottish Labour / West of Scotland
  • Neil Bibby / Scottish Labour / West of Scotland
  • Neil Findlay / Scottish Labour / Lothian
  • Patrick Harvie / Scottish Green Party / Glasgow
  • Rhoda Grant / Scottish Labour / Highlands & Islands
  • Ross Greer / Scottish Green Party / West of Scotland
  • Stuart McMillan / Scottish National Party / Greenock & Inverclyde

Former Minister and MSP for Edinburgh Central Marco Biagi has also pledged support.

Scottish organisations divesting

In 2014 Glasgow University became the first in Europe to announce that it would divest from fossil fuels, paving the way for the majority of Scotland’s universities to make a divestment commitment.

A total of 10 Scottish organisations have now committed to divested their funds from, or formally cut sponsorship ties with, fossil fuel companies.

Fossil free investors:

Fossil sponsorship free:

A number of other Scottish organisations have also made partial commitments.

For a full list of the over 1,000 organisations which have divested globally click here.