two people painting 'no more fossil fuels' message on an oil drum

After Cambo decison, workers and communities must steer the transition away from fossil fuels

Both governments must scale up renewable jobs and provide certainty for workers currently left at the whims of big fossil fuel companies.

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a group of people holding flags around a stack of black barrels painted with white letter spelling out stop cambo. the river clyde and the Glasgow science museum are visible in the background

People power forces oil giant Shell to pull out of Cambo!

This decision comes after months of fierce opposition and scrutiny from the public, climate groups, scientists, the media and politicians.

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New report is a watershed moment for the transition away from UK oil and gas

New research has found that the UK has increased oil & gas reserves since declaring a climate emergency

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Taking the Stop Cambo campaign to Downing Street

We handed over the 80,000 strong letter demanding that the UK Government stop Cambo and all new oil and gas projects.

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No going back – the fight for a just, green recovery

By working together, connecting our issues and learning from each other we are building a movement for a better future.

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One year on from Scotland’s new climate law – what action have we seen?

What progress have we seen in the year since people power forced politicians to increase their climate commitments?

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No false solutions

To effectively tackle the roots of the climate crisis while achieving social justice and restoring nature, we need to fight for the right – not just any – climate solutions.

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Rich countries must pay their climate debt

We all know that the rich countries and big polluting corporations who have contributed most to the climate crisis must be the ones to cut their emissions first and fastest. But we talk less often about the financial debt that they owe.

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Campaigners outside the Scottish Parliament

People Power delivers increased action in the Climate Bill

Public pressure forces Scottish Government to urgently do more to tackle the Climate Emergency

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