Turn the energy of #ClimateStrike into action in the Parliament

Lets turn the enthusiasm and hope of #ClimateStrikes into concrete commitments that will shape climate action in Scotland for years to come.

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Just days left to improve the Climate Bill

On Wed 25th September, MSPs in the Scottish Parliament will pass a new Climate Change law. We need your help to improve it before it’s too late.

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Why we’re supporting the Global Climate Strikes on 20th September

We’re taking to the streets to join the climate strikers demanding urgent action on the climate crisis. 

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Political rhetoric on climate change is improving, but political action is lagging behind

The Scottish Government declared a Climate Emergency but failed to seriously increase action in the next decade.

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Solidarity with frontline communities at the BP AGM

Oil giants BP held their global AGM in Aberdeen, so we went along with indigenous and climate activists to call time on their harmful activities.

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Scotland is now set to aim for net-zero climate emissions by 2045, but will that tackle the climate emergency?

The net-zero climate target is an important signal that everything needs to change, but we must act to reduce emissions by 2030.

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Youth climate strikers outside Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2019

Support for youth climate strikes must mean real action, not more empty words

Adults need to use their positions to make the changes the climate strikers demand.

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Hundreds of Civil society protests at UN climate conference

People power shines as UN climate talks fail to deliver

People have the solutions to the climate crisis, but polluters and politicians want to slow down the pace of action.

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Actions speak louder than words on climate change

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was at the UN climate talks (COP24) in Poland but her actions do not live up to her words.

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