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Incredible outfits shine a light on Scotland’s overconsumption

We put on a fashion show with outfits made from discarded materials to call on MSPs to support a circular economy.

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Gracie Bradley departs as Director

We are grateful for her important work which has helped ensure the organisation has a clear campaigning direction and is in a good place looking to the future.  

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The destruction of Palestine’s environment 

The war in Gaza has created a human and environmental catastrophe in what was one of the world’s poorest and most densely populated places.

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It will take people power to protect our planet

As our governments reconvene for their yearly climate talks, society is being changed by people taking grassroots action all around the world.

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Inspiration to be found outside the climate talks

Pressure from outside the official talks calls attention to the realities of climate change and what needs to happen.

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COP23: Playing my part in building a better world

Rowan explains how climate change has impacted upon her life and why she is travelling to COP23 in Bonn.

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Scotland goes to global climate talks

World leaders meet in Bonn for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23), where they will figure out how to deliver on the Paris Agreement.

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People Power: a global response to climate emergency

FoE groups mobilised to join an international Day of Action for Climate Justice.

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Raising the alarm on the climate emergency

Action in Edinburgh to highlight the emergency of climate change and urge greater action from the Scottish Government.

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Handing over climate postcards

Keeping up the climate pressure

19,000 people have urged Scottish Govt to raise their climate ambition. What happens next and how you can get involved?

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Hurricane Irma: “These heavy polluters ought to take responsibility for climate change.”

As Hurricane Irma devastates Caribbean islands, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda calls on rich countries to take responsibility for climate change.

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The greenest ever Programme for Government?

Scotland’s new Programme for Government contains a number of very significant steps forward on climate change and the environment.

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