Publicly owned renewable energy is crucial for a just transition

We need to embed public ownership and control into our energy system.

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Polluted Politics: The fossil fuel lobby at Holyrood

How oil companies are using their power and influence to pressure MSPs into slowing down climate action.

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50 stop rosebank protestors stand outside building in Aberdeen

Transitioning away from the oil culture of North East Scotland

Our just transition organiser reflects on a year of changing the culture of Aberdeen through activism, events and conversations.

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Just Transition: Power in the hands of workers and their communities

We’ve campaigned hard in 2023 for a just transition away from fossil fuels, standing alongside workers and their trade unions.

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Building a Just Transition in the North East in 2022

Working with communities most affected by the phase out of oil and gas to put them at the centre of that transition.

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Putting workers at the heart of a just transition away from oil and gas

We’ve been meeting with oil and gas workers, campaigning alongside trade unions to transform our economy and supporting communities on the frontline of the fossil fuels in Scotland.

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RMT strike placard reading 'we refuse to be poor anymore'

Why you should care about the Hot Strike Summer

Workers are demonstrating the solidarity and collective power that we must build everywhere to tackle social and climate crises at their roots.

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MPs miss opportunity to remove barrier to energy transition

MPs voted against the plan to cut training costs and duplication for people wanting to move into renewable energy.

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two people painting 'no more fossil fuels' message on an oil drum

Business trying to delay energy transition away from fossil fuels

The industry has realised they are losing the argument badly and things are about to get serious.

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