Support the COP26 strikes – they show us the power we need to tackle climate change

In their fight for fair pay and proper investment in essential services, these workers are demonstrating the power that we must build everywhere to tackle the climate crisis at its roots.

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New report is a watershed moment for the transition away from UK oil and gas

New research has found that the UK has increased oil & gas reserves since declaring a climate emergency

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Another nail in the coffin for oil and gas?

The Scottish Government has promised a review of oil & gas but how can it reconcile fossil fuels with the neccesary climate action.

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#StopCambo campaign gathers momentum and support

Public and political support for stopping a climate-wrecking oil field is building.

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European climate moves could endanger poor households

Europe’s plan to cut climate emissions have set alarm bells ringing for environmentalists concerned about the poorest

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Oil workers blocked from transition by training chaos

A just transition is vital, winding down the extraction of fossil fuels while ensuring the people who work in the industry and surrounding communities who depend upon it, are not left behind.

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FM Nicola Sturgeon with electric vehicles/ credit: SP Energy networks

The next 5 years for Scotland’s environment

What did the SNP manifesto promise on climate change and the environment?

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Image of the park with a rainbow in the centre, by Carol WIil

Torry residents want to protect beloved local park from industry-led unjust transition

Locals want to save their irreplacable wild green space before its turned into an industrial site.

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Creating a Just Transition away from fossil fuels

The Just Transition Commission’s report must be seen as a strong and urgent agenda for action by the next Scottish Government.

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