Coronavirus and the plastic industry

As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we see a resurgence in single-use plastics and waste beginning to pile up.

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Supermarket food wrapped in plastic

What do people really think about plastic?

We reveal what people really think about plastic and how hard it can be to reduce the pointless plastic in your life.

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Dispensers at The Refinery in Glasgow

Top tips to help you go plastic free

Top tips to help you reduce the amount of plastic in your life.

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Singapore Ship Docks, Credit: ShnapThat/ Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Three Planet Living

We’ve only got one planet and we need to treat it more gently if we want to survive.

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Europe’s environmental crises

A hard-hitting official report reveals the depth of Europe’s climate and nature crisis, and suggests much-needed ways forward.

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Plastic-free Christmas tree decorations

How to have a plastic-free Christmas

From wrapping paper to plastic packaging, it can feel like there’s no escaping the mountain of plastic that comes with the festive season. However, our top five tips to help you cut down on plastic this Christmas.

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Black Friday: the rise of consumerism and pollution

Our Plastic and Circular Economy Campaigner, Sarah, explores some of the environmental impacts of Black Friday.

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Don’t be scared of waste this Halloween

Laura offers helpful advice on how you can cut down on waste this Halloween

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Circular Economy targets needed

Scotland has a very good reputation for our circular economy thinking but now is the time to make the idea a reality.

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